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The Sixth Day

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There are two types of cloning. The type of cloning which was not mentioned in the film, but was rather assumed to be an earlier form of cloning is when there is a mother involved. There is no genetic information of the mother; however the baby will grow inside of her. The other kind of cloning, which is assumed to be a more advanced form of cloning, is by using blank bodies and importing the genetic information into those bodies so that they will resemble whoever they are cloning in just a few hours. Although this form of cloning is pure science fiction, I believe that something similar can happen in the future.

The first type of cloning will take a lot longer then just a few hours, it will have to grow out like a normal human, therefore rendering it impossible for the clone and donor to look the exact same at the exact same time, that is unless they take out the genetic information of the donor when it is a fetus, so they will be born a few months or maybe even weeks apart. However since they are both growing up in the same time frame, they will be considered twins. I believe there are no real identity theft problems with this kind of cloning since it is clearly not fast enough and people will be able to tell the two from each other since the clone will have to grow inside of a mother for nine months.

The real threat is the second type of cloning; being able to clone someone to look exactly like the person being cloned in the same time frame can result in the clone taking over the donor’s life. However I found a loophole. In the movie when they take the donor’s genetic information and import it into the blank body, the clone grows up to look just like the donor. It should really grow up to look like a giant infant because age is not encrypted into our genes. Age happens naturally through the diminution and reproduction of cells. And the reason why it shouldn’t grow to be a normal infant is because the body that the infant is grown...


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