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North American Physical Patterns

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Physical patterns in geography relates to Landforms, Natural vegetation, Climate, and Agriculture.   There are wide variety of Landforms, Natural vegetation, Climate, and Agriculture.   The physical patterns can affect North America by the appearance and the type of elevation there is.


Two types of landforms are plains and lowlands and also hills.   Plains and lowlands are usually found north of the Mississippi river in North America.   They have high elevation and a flat appearance.   Plains and lowlands are usually found in central Canada and America.   Hills have a sloping appearance and also have a middle elevation.   Many hills can be found south and east of the great lakes in between Canada and America. Also hills can be found near the west side of North America.   There are also two others landforms.

Another two landforms are plateaus and tablelands and mountains.   The plateaus and tablelands have a flat appearance.   This landform is mostly located on the west side America.   Also plateaus and tablelands are also located in Mexico.   Mountains have a very rugged appearance with high elevation and also a very sloping appearance.   Mountains are mostly found on the pacific coast all through out North America. Those were the four types of landforms.

Natural Vegetation

There are many kinds of Natural vegetation such as a coniferous forest and deciduous and mixed forest.   The coniferous forest has cone bearing trees.   This Natural vegetation is located all over Canada and some parts of America.   Those areas have a cooler climate and hot so much precipitation.   A deciduous and mixed forest has leaf shedding and coniferous trees in that area.   They loose leaves in cooler weather and grows in warm climates with not so much precipitation. These are two types of Natural vegetation.

The other different types of natural vegetation are semi-deserts and tropical grasslands.   Semi-deserts have short grass and it is...


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