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Gregory Rasputin

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      In the course of history there have been many people who made a difference, but were, and still are, known for being outrageous and sometimes even crazy, for example Emperor Gaius who made his horse consul, but Rasputin probably defeats them all.

Rasputin was born a peasant and at a very early age became involved in religion. At age 18, he joined a monastery for three months were he became a member of the Khlysty religion. After leaving the monastery,         Rasputin met Makari who influences Rasputin to follow his ways. Rasputin learned more about the strange religion and started preaching and healing. He was well known for healing but his fame roused when he was asked by the Royal Family to heal Alexei from hemophilia. He later became Tzarevich’s personal advisor and was responsible for Russia’s economic downfall. He was blamed for the downfall and later was murder in an unusual way.     Rasputin’s religious beliefs and lifestyle, not only caused his death, but also changed the history of Russia and the world.

Grigory Efimovich Rasputin was born as a peasant in a small Siberian village

called Pokrovskoye on January 11, 1869. There he became involved with religion at a very young age and started preaching at the age of eleven. When he was around the age of eighteen, he went to the Verkhoturye Monastery where he studied religion for three months. There, he joined the Khlysty religion, which was a sect in the Russian Orthodox Church. After leaving the monastery, Rasputin encountered Makari, who lived near the monastery. Makari was a healer, a wise man, and very religious, he taught Rasputin a lot about healing. Makari had an enormous impact on Rasputin, so much so that Rasputin followed in his foot steps.

        At age twenty in 1889, Rasputin married Praskovia Fyodorovna and had three children with her. At age 32 in 1901, he felt that he needed to get in touch with the earth, so he decided to leave his home in...


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