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Electoral College

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        The electoral college of the United States of America should be kept in the way that it has been functioning for at least 200 years. Democracy in the United States nor its equal representation principle has never been affected by the Electoral College. The check and balance principle created by the founding fathers is represented in this electoral system. When voters cast their ballots in a U.S. presidential election, they aren\'t electing the president directly. The elector members of the Electoral College are the ones who directly select the president and vice president of the United States of America.

        When the founders of the United States created the current Electoral College, they did it to protect all states from being ignored or given less attention by the main political figures that were running for the presidency. The Electoral College was always intended to protect the interest of small states that potentially could have been the most affected if a popular presidential electoral system was established. In the current Electoral College, small states are given a boost of power that allows them to gain more attention from the presidential candidates. If the electoral system was based solely on population, the small states would be completely forgotten and left unrepresented in the presidential agendas.

        The Electoral College is set up that every state gets one electoral vote for each of its U.S. senators and one vote for each congressman in the House of Representatives. Each state as established by the U.S constitution gets two senators that translate into two electoral votes. The U.S. representative‚Äôs legislators are determined by population. In other words, each state of the United States has two electors per state already established while the extra number of Electoral College voters is to be determined by the number of house of representative members in that particular state. Consequently, the most populated states...


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