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Did Germany Start the War?

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Germany has been looked upon as the initiators of WWI. However, if one looks at the facts leading up to the break-out of war, it is evident that Germany was not to blame. In any event, all the major countries helped start the war. They should share the blame.

Germany was a rising nation, and by 1914, many countries were worried that it would become too powerful and start taking over Europe. Among these nations, Britain, a close country to Germany was becoming suspicious about their growing navy. Germany in the past had not been regarded as a powerhouse country. However, when controversy between Serbia, Austria-Hungary and Russia formed, Germany pledged to support their ally, Austria-Hungary. In turn, France, Britain and Italy became involved because of their alliance.

Witness’ one and eight, Walter Hines Page and Clemenceau both believe that Germany was responsible for the war. Walter States that German militarism was their crime in the last twenty-five years, while Clemenceau states demands Germany better admit to being the cause because other countries will not.

However, in response to this, the German army stated that this was only meant as a means of defense for their trading industry.

Witness’ four and seven, Count Szogyeny and David Lloyd George, believe that Germany was not the cause of the war. Szogyeny believes that Austria was the cause of the war when the Kaiser of Austria gave the orders to attack Serbia. Furthermore, Lloyd stated that Germany’s head of army had gone on a holiday and the Kaiser had left on his yachting holiday.

Witness’ three and six, LCF Turner an De Marshall, believe that all the major powers helped start the war. Turner believes that none of the rulers knew that they were fighting. As the crisis increased in pace, and the calculations for state-men were overwhelming, the demands of military planning arose. As for De Marshall’s thoughts, he believed that Germany had no choice. Either they...


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