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Matrix Reloaded

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“The moving image and film sequence deconstruction” After watching 10 minutes of your select film sequence, carefully analyse a selection of varied camera shots and say what is significant about each one. Also indicate aspect of music, sound effects and special effects that contribute to the film sequence.

The award winning sci-fi film Matrix Reloaded totally re-wrote the textbook for movie science fiction when it hit the screens in early 2003. Directed by the Wachowski brothers, The Matrix Reloaded created a compelling sequel to Enter The Matrix by combining the best elements of storytelling, action and computer and visual effects.

During the film you encounter some of the greatest special effects known the man making the film a cut above the rest. A memorable scene during The Matrix Reloaded is the prominent fight scene between the athletic Neo and his evil nemesis Agent Smith which truly showcases the immense sound, music and special effects within the film. I will be looking at these three ingredients and analyse how the Wachowski brothers use these three elements to create possibly the greatest sci-fi film of all time.

The unforgettable scene starts of cleverly. It shows Neo’s face in a close up with little sound or music in the background, the camera then quickly cuts to Agent Smith’s shoes where the music rapidly increases in volume to add emphasis to his entrance. It show’s his bottom half in a low angle shot. This makes the viewer feel vulnerable which adds even more emphasis to Agent Smith’s intimidating entrance. The first thing you see are Agent Smith’s shoes. They are incredibly shiny which is a sign of power. Even by not showing Agent Smith’s face, already he seems very threatening which is the first of many clever techniques to Wachowski brothers use to put across different characters.

Alongside Agent’s Smith’s shoes are crows. These add to his entrance by making him out to be scary. In some cases,...


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