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History of Children's Clothing

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In relation to history children’s clothing is relative new idea.   The

different fashions for children nowadays were none existent until very late

in history.   Children are full of original sin so must be taught to be god

fearing good Christians; hence their growing up was encouraged vigorously .

Children began imitation of adults at an early age.   They were dressed as

adults as soon as possible and encouraged to act mature.

        In Tudor times little is known about children’s lives through records

because not worth recording high enfant mortality rate.   The average age of

death was thirty years old.   At the age of seven to nine children forced

into adult life, so little records are show of children .   There were very

little portraits done for children and what exists show small versions of


        Babies were normally wrapped in swaddling clothes, they believed that

wrapping babies would protect them from falls and help straighten legs and

spine.   It was also convenient for people to carry the babies around

relatively more safely and if needed they were sometime hung up or a peg.

However, this constricted the baby and was not good for the physical growth.

They were some that even died of convulsions.   These clothes were about six

inches wide and ten to twelve feet long .   Supposedly the tighter a child

was wrapped the better arms were frequently bond as well.

        Children are kept in these swaddling clothes until they are taught to use

their limbs .   Teaching them is at the caretaker’s discretion and not

depending on the baby’s readiness, babies wore these clothes from six months

to one year.   The child was about to move their limbs when their clothes

were changed, for example, when babies soiled themselves.

        As time progress swaddling clothes...


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