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Do You Have a Bestfriend?

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A bestfriend is someone that is very hard to come by. Not everyone will find a true one. Many will go through them like pairs of socks, but everyone has their favorite pair of socks right? Saying that you have a bestfriend is really rewarding.

We are friends, not just regular friends, but we are bestfriends, which explains everything. We would do everything together, such as go to the movies, mall and the racetrack, stay up late and talk about boys, be crazy. We had the best time together, but unfortunately life took all that from me. Sometimes I ask myself why she had to move, my bestfriend, a person who I trusted with everything, a person who knew what to do to make me happy, a person to make me do my homework when I didn’t want to, a person who was the best part of my life.

All my past bestfriends moved, when I met her I really thought that we would be bestfriends forever and do everything together, basketball games, dances, graduation, parties. I finally thought that she would never leave and my highschool years would be wonderful. But that all changed the night I was at her house, we just got done eating pizza and we were in her room, we were taking crazy pictures and listening to loud music. She blurted out that she was moving. I stopped doing what I was doing and I just sat there, I wanted to scream but couldn’t I guess you could say I was shocked.

We talked about her moving before but they were just false alarms but something about that night I just knew she really was moving. After I finally got over the shock I decided not to ask any questions except when was she, she said before Winter Carnival which was about 2 months away. In my mind I was thinking are you kidding me?! We planned for Winter Carnival pretty much all year, it was our first highschool Winter Carnival and your telling me your missing it? I decided to ask more questions later since I didn’t want to ruin the night, we took more pictures and ate...


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