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Lord of the Files

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In Lord of the Files the story is in piling you are up lifted with compassion and concern for the children. The boys realize they are no longer in a place they would call home but in area that would seemly be described has the wilderness. The reason is because they were engulfed in sand that surrounded them, which lead to the mouth of the forest. These very boys realize they have some growing up to do, in the way they are going to encounter many obstacles ahead that other wise would seem in possible to deal with if they can’t work together. This introduction is describing Civilization vs. Survival. The theme will set the tone were the motifs will support the main motive completing the story.

On a deserted island a social formation has taken form. This social form is the Conch Shell it represents the communication with in the tribe this shell was the motif that set the stage in the play and from their the on fronted for control and greed. The shell is also a discipline tool for anyone who holds it. If anything happens to the shell this civilization, which they have instituted, will crumble and will continue to go down until there is nothing else left. PP. (10-18)

Ralph is seen has the leader but lacks the ability of Piggy intelligent. Ralph doesn’t like the fact he is begin disenfranchise by his own group and has a result this child endure the pain he lives in a world driven by fear and but has scent to bounce back from a hard time because his own group start to take order from another character in the story. PP. (32-46, & 58-70) When Ralph is begin disowned by his own organization choose to compare him to “Martin Luther” a priest who believed that writing the bible in away that shows that everyone can understand what is begin written would help people get closer to God but many people had other ideas concerning the writing of the text which had different meaning towards other who challenge his idea writing.  

Roger is compared to the devil. The...


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