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Romeo and Juliet Poster Project

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Romeo & Juliet. One a Capulet and the other a Montague they share a love that is forbidden by their name alone Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. These are the two star crossed lovers who will cause not only the death of many others but also themselves.

Lord/ Lady Capulet The parents of the young lady Juliet. Her father has most control over the decisions upon his daughter’s future. His thoughts were to delay her marriage to Paris at first, but he suddenly changes his mind for as soon as possible.

Lord/ Lady Montague These are the parents of the young lover Romeo. They have little control over his affairs with other women, and as result Romeo was free to go for any lady he saw fit until he saw Juliet that is.

Mercutio This quick witted man is a friend to Romeo. His jokes however lead him to a sword duel with Tybolt, and his somewhat accidental death.

Tybolt Cousin to Juliet who despises the Montague’s especially Romeo.   His killing of Mercutio leads to another fight with Romeo and will loose his life.

Benivolio This is the cousin of Romeo. He stands by his cousin’s side through the whole tragedy along with Mercutio.  

Nurse Servant of the Capulet’s and Juliet since before her birth. She assists Juliet and Romeo in keeping their forbidden love a secret.

Friar Laurence This holy man will assist the two lovers in their plan to marry and escape Verona. However his deeds will help lead to these two lovers ends.

Paris Fine man of wax who seeks to marry Juliet before she and Romeo ever met.  


Many a people roam the streets of Verona each one finding and seeking that love that is greater than any other. However two very special people will be struck by the “blind bow boy with wings” with a love stronger than any other person can imagine.

The young boy Romeo Montague and the fair young lady...


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