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POP, SLIP, STOMP! Dude bogular nollie-pop to back-shuv indy-slide blunt press bro!!! You may wonder if that had anything to do with skating, well guess what, it did. There is this totally extreme sport that only the most extreme athletes on the planet can endure! It’s called skateboarding and it’s awesome. There is a very long history to skateboarding, and the sport has definitely changed greatly over the years-About fifty years to be perfectly exact. It all started out with just a piece of wood with some metal streetskates attached some random way. This was built when the ‘swell’ was down and the surfers wanted to surf the street. Now skateboards are designed so much different, it is wonderful. Some skateboards are made with one layer of bulletproof material! Skating over the years has become bigger and bigger and more and more people are getting their names out through it. Take the Canadian skateboarder Rick McCrank. He’s been in plenty of skate videos and makes tons of money winning contests because he’s really good. But one thing that can keep most skateboarders down is how illegal it is. Most business owners and school officials hate skateboarders just because they can. Cops ticket them almost constantly. Why does everyone hate skateboarders so much? Either way, it becomes a costly sport when your tickets and court appearances add up. Skating is most likely going to continue for many years and just get more and more complex. Newer, better skateboards will be designed and more people will be doing it. It’s only going to elevate on the ‘Hecka SWEET’ scale.

It all started when a group of surf-shredders where like, “Hey braw, the swell is low! Why don’t we go surf on the pavement!” And surf the pavement they did. No one knows who really created the first skateboard but studies have shown that they were first seen in the late 1950’s. Created by a piece of wood and some skate wheels. Now these contraptions couldn’t turn, so of course there where millions...


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