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Determine the Identity of Metals

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Experiments to determine the identity of metals by examining the colour of flame when samples of that metal are heated.

The aim of this experiment was to find out whether different metals had different reactions when subjected to the flame of the Bunsen burner. This might then allow the classification and identification of certain metals if they have their own reactions, which will be different coloured flames for this experiment. It was hard for me to predict what would occur during the experiment but I was able to write a hypothesis. I thought that each metal could have been different colours such as oranges, blues and greens.


* Paddle Pop Stick (spatula)

* Bunsen Burner

* Evaporating Basins

* Different Salts

* Hydrochloric Acid - 2 Molar (HCI)

* Lab Coats & Safety Glasses


Lab coats and safety glasses were worn for protection and safety reasons before the experiment was started. All equipment was collected, the Bunsen was ignited

and a small portion of Sodium Carbonate was placed in a evaporating basin using a paddle pop stick. The Bunsen burner was then moved so that the flame was directly applied to the salt and the resulting flame colour was recorded. This process was repeated with Potassium, Copper, Lithium, Strontium and Lead Carbonate as well as Colbolt and Manganese Dioxide. All of the flame colours were recorded for later use in the results. Then a different process had used to achieve a true colour flame for Aluminium, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tin, Nickel, Calcium, Barium. The process was like the first however before heating, a small drop had to plced on the salt as these had no carbon atoms unlike the other group of salts. All of the evaporating dishes were then washed thoroughly after the end of this experiment.


Name of Salt or Metal

Flame Colour

Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3)

Orange /...


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