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Violence in Society

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In present-day society humankind faces a problem clashing with violence in children.   They are faced with video games and toys that favor violence.   Shows and movies display gory scenes of blood shootings and “beat-downs” exploiting the violence issue even further.   The news also adds to the problem by reporting scenes of gang shootings and bombings.   All these commercial products contribute to the violence in society; however, they are not the major issue that causes the problems in society and should not be weighted so greatly by today’s society.

Violence originates from aggression – the feeling to inflict pain on others.   Most violence starts just from little things like one guy pushing the other guy.   Then, the other guy does the same and it gets worse and worse.   The mass media influences people to put their aggression in physical terms – hitting other people.   Just thing about it, what sells better some guy meditating his anger away or a guy holding a gun and blasting his enemies to smithereens?

Americans watch a lot of television and look at on the violence on it.   The media shows violence not just on shows but also on news.   Everyday people are exposed to violence, just reading the newspaper shows some violent crime occurring in society.   The mass media reinforces people to show their aggression by physical terms like attacking a person.   It wouldn’t be much of a sell to show some guys engaging in non-aggressive behavior.   If it sells, the mass media will be in favor for it and violence is one of the keys to making money.

Video games have been a favorite target to the issue of violence.   Games such as Quake and Doom were suspects to the shootings at Columbine.   There’s no doubt that it is the major contributor.   In video games people play the role at the first-person shooter and have the weapons, power, and enjoyment to blasting away other guys with bombs, grenades, machine guns, and knives.   Compared to other medias, video games are...


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