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Gambling Dialectic

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In today’s society where people are constantly looking to better their situation there are certain things that they turn to for escape from their realities. For some this is drugs or alcohol but for others it is the hope of winning enough money in a lottery to forget all their worries and buy a small tropical island and live there for the rest of their lives. To some people gambling is morally wrong and they are firmly a against it but to others it is just mere harmless fun.

In many cases these people who firmly believe that gambling is wrong are against it for good reason. For years it has been the religious belief that gambling is wrong because it teaches such things as greed and throws such things as self-control out the window. This is a tragic situation for some families because they have seen what it’s like to lose everything to gambling. In my own neighbourhood I’ve seen people blow whatever money they had set aside for such things as mortgages and taxes on gambling and have nothing to show for it. It’s a tragedy that they are essentially robbed my their own human nature. It has been said that human nature is that man puts far more emphasis on the hope of winning than on the reality of losing and this is why casinos nation wide never ever go broke.

Another reason why people are so against it is because gambling teaches of easy money and when people start thinking that they can just win everything and they lose all ambition at work and this is not what creates a good society. It creates greed and it completely ruins the small town atmosphere that may be the only thing that small towns have left going for them.

Sadly, though, demoralization of character is the least of the worries in the gambling industry. It is a proven fact that as soon as a Casino goes into a city the suicide rate goes up by at least 10%. In a city such as Niagara Falls, where they have just recently spent millions...


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