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The Electric Light Bulb

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If asked what light bulb is, one could say that it's one of the most basic inventions of our world and our universe, as we perceive it. It is through sight that we receive 90% of our information. It is through the use often telescopes aiding the naked eye that we are aware of the heavenly bodies around us. It is through the light bulb that people are able to read and work at nighttime without the pollutants of fire and gases. Since the light bulb is such a basic part of our existence, we should have a basic understanding of the history and background of it.

In 1808, an English scientist named Humphrey Davy made a bulb in which a piece of thin metal would glow.   This bulb had flaws since it would burn at very quickly.   Many baffled inventors wanted to find something that would keep it glowing but without burning out.   This problem was later solved by Thomas Edison.   In 1879, Edison developed the first practical electric light bulb.   After many months of testing both trial and errors, he discovered a way to keep a bulb glowing longer.   A thin cotton thread coated with carbon was the answer.   When he turned on the current, it lit up and continued to burn.   Within three years, Edison perfected the light bulb with a long lasting life of over 1,400 hours.   This invention led to other inventions like the electric streetlight and electrical system.   It allowed the population to use this


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