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Karl Marx's Philosophy

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(1,2) Marxism has understood the idea of social theory as critique in at least two different senses. One understanding can be regarded as relatively straightforward, at least for the purposes of the present discussion. It is a version of the critique of ideology and it involves the claim that society itself generates forms of perception that are essentially illusory. Marx supposed that historical process should be viewed dialectically influenced by opposite forces.

Marx agreed with Hegel that a single moved towards the complete, and complete   is also moved towards greater and greater (dialectical historicism of Hegel). Hegel was an idealist while Marx based his theory on materialistic interpretation of the world. He supposed that

Marx took dialectical method of Hegel and applied it to critic of religion and politics. A comprehensive account of the nature of the universe was provided by the metaphysics that came to be known as dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism finds a dialectic in nature as well as in history and declares matter to move according to various laws such as the transformation of quantity into quality and the negation of the negation. Marx applied theory of Feuerbach that a man created God, and only a material world is real. He stated that humna’s thoughts of the world are consequences, not causes.

(3) The class struggle is explained as opposition between working class and the class of capitalists. Also, it is struggle of lower socioeconomic classes with higher socioeconomic classes. Given the irreconcilable conflict of interests between capital and labour, the outstanding feature of capitalist society is class conflict. (4) Marxists dialectics can be explained as an exchange of propositions and counterparts (theses and antitheses). In the heart of the theory are contradictions and class struggle play the central role in social and political develiopment.   These contradiction are the main force in all...


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