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Healthcare in the Us

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The Unhealthy Costs of Health Care: Analyzing Health Insurance in America

In 2001, 41.2 million people in the United States had no health insurance coverage, and by 2004 that number rose to 45 million, which is 15.6 percent of our population. Therefore, it’s no surprise that healthcare costs are the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States (Access to Health Insurance). Not only are those in poverty struggling to pay for medical bills, but even the middle class families make up a large proportion of those declaring bankruptcy due to the high costs of health insurance. Many families in the United States today, sadly have to choose between healthcare coverage, housing, and basic human needs. The lack of health insurance is undeniably one of the main problems for Americans today.

It’s shocking to know that many uninsured as well as insured Americans have already started making sacrifices, such as skipping medications or medical treatments, due to the rising costs of healthcare in the United States. According to the USA Today/Kaiser/Harvard poll, 28 percent of adults were unable to pay for their medical care in the past year and 62 percent of those struggling to pay medical bills already have health insurance. That’s an understatement considering how rising premiums, deductibles, and gaps in coverage are affecting so many families in America today. Healthcare premiums have risen on average of $1,000 in the past five years, and they keep rising (Appleby). Price increases such as these are causing millions of Americans financial and medical problems. Therefore, many of them remain uninsured and often use hospital emergency rooms as substitutes for regular doctor visits. The lack of access to preventive health care and regular doctor visits, leads to more medical problems and can force a person even further into poverty (Background on Healthcare).

Most Americans depend on employer-provided medical insurance plans for their healthcare...


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