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America in a Religious Context

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Today American society is faced with very interesting and controversial problem concerning religion and its status on the state level. For a long time it has been considered that America is religiously diverse country which Constitution protects the freedom of religious denomination. Nevertheless, God is not accepted as the creator on the government level. If “God” does not exist why we talk about religious diversity and fight for equal religious rights and religious freedom? Is it possible to seek for something which does not exist?

If religion and God   has no influence on the social values and unimportant for the state, why dozens of different sects and religious studies flourish today? In his book “What’s Wrong For America Is The Christian Right” Joseph Alberghini expresses the idea that the religion in America means that those who opposed the close ties between the established churches and the ruling class could pro¬duce sects and denominations better suited to their own interests and to their vision of the world. It means that truly religious beliefs (conservatives) are always common to a specific group which professes to adhere to them and to practise the rites connected with them. The individuals who compose the group feel themselves bound to each other by the very fact that they have a common faith. In reality, religious syncretism and tolerance are dominant features of religion in America which are closely connected with historical and cultural development of the nation.

If God has not been involved in out creation why existing religions shows the universal character and a very large variety in the ritual doctrines and practices: Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Christianity which divided into Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelic churches? It is possible to say that a society has been replaced not by a self-consciously secular one but by a society which...


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