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National Crisis: Attention Needed

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At birth, our preprogrammed beliefs and behavior patterns are in the contents of our DNA, formally defined as instinct.   Usually organized around a value, beliefs are generalizations about our ability to act in the world.   Additional belief systems are fundamentally programmed into who we are by the age of about five.   Our perceptions (internal representation of external events), generate emotions which drive our behaviors.   Behaviors are reinforced by strategies used to achieve a successful outcome; (within a specific context) that certain outcome may not be a desirable outcome at the moment, but none the less was successful on some level with positive intentions being the driving force behind all behavior.   What all this means is that we are making the best possible choice at all points in time based on the filtered internal representation of the external event.  

Quite often, this neuro linguistic model of choice is misunderstood.   What it means by making the best choice at the time with positive intentions may only be true within a specific context, and may not be the best choice in any other context.  

For example, lets say a choice was made congruent with a certain strategy.   In the context of one\'s memories, beliefs, values, emotional states in gestalt, a person will always make the best decision s/he is able to see.

Remorse may immediately follow that decision, but in the context of the moment the choice was made, it was the best choice perceived as being available.   Now, when the best choice available in any single person\'s map/model of the world is unethical and isn\'t ecologically sound, then that\'s where I believe America has its learning problem.   I argue that in a country like America where a large portion of the populace sees ecologically unsound and morally reprehensible choices as being the best choices; the educational system lies at the heart of the problem

How can we see the world as real if the being that is...


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