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Some call it the demon weed some call it just plane fun well here

is the official statistics on the plant known as Marijuana.   For

starters we’ll go with the health part of the plant.   Many

“Educational” and or other health videos in school have you believe that

Marijuana is going to ruin your life and leave you brain dead, but there

has been no known proof that it has had any long term brain damage to

the human brain.   The only damage suggested by American Medical

Association (AMA) is that it effects the short term memory and they only

believe your memory will be affected as long as you smoke it in large

amounts afterwards when you quit they say memory should return to

normal. The AMA also states that the drug is better in your lungs than

Tabacco in the way that it does less damage because people smoke it less

to get the effects needed.   They also say that you still shouldn’t smoke

it and it would be healthier to ingest the drug.   There have also been

false reports made on the drug to scare people away from using it.   For

instance Dr. Gabriel Nahas was fired for falsifying reports that the

drug did kill humans by experimenting on monkeys. He put the animals

into a room and exposed them to proportionally more Marijuana than a

human would smoke in a life time to prove his point, but he hid the fact

of the amount of smoke used.   The AMA supports the legalization of

Marijuana because its applications to medical use in many ways.  

Deaths due to weed.   So far there have been no deaths due to

Marijuana recorded, in fact the only way to actually overdose on the

drug is by smoking three quarters of a ton of it in fifteen minutes!!

yes you heard it folks fifteen minutes!   Doing this is humanly

impossible in fact you are more likely to pass out before accomplishing


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