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Contentment in Worklife

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There is a very old adage which says “Dictionary is the only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK.”  

Work- It’s defined as an activity which keeps you engaged, which earns you bread for your livelihood and satisfies all your basic needs and paves a way for being luxurious too.

But Work is just that!!!

We all start working and get acquainted with a job when our academics are completed, probably we start taking that responsibility by early twenties or even lesser in many cases.

There are countless types of jobs people get assorted with. Which ever door one may enter, WORK is an occupation which keeps you occupied.

But the question here is…….   HOW MANY OF US REALLY ARE ENJOYING THE JOB WE DO? At the end of day, how many of us go home really satisfied, happy and contented?

Each individual has their own perspective to define work, needs and level of satisfaction.

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of need triangle, we have Physiological, Safety, Social, Ego, Self-actualization and Spiritual needs.

Physiological needs are such as basic necessities such as Food, Air, Shelter and an activity. This is just the biological balance and stable equilibrium.

Safety and security is a feeling of being secured to oneself with no threats, safety towards present and future may fall under this category.

Social needs are all about the social behavior at work place which includes intimacy between employees, their comfort level of interaction, conduct of peers etc.

Ego Needs – All of us are in need of respect & recognition. Ego is the want of respect for self and also the identification for one-self.

Self Actualization – is working for a purpose, personal growth and also realizing one’s potentiality. This is an active part where one realizes one’s functionality and delivers the job to a complete satisfaction. This also paves a way to personality...


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