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Summer of My German Soldier

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Bette Greene wrote “Summer of my German Soldier”. This book is about a 17 year old teenager who gets caught up in World War 2. When he gets drafted his girlfriend takes serious action to save her boyfriend, but also takes the risk of losing her life.

This book takes place in Jenkins Ville, Arkansas in a train station. A young lady named Patty Bergen that just turned twelve is anxiously waiting for the arrival of president Roosevelt. The president is planning a secret military in Arkansas, and Patty thinks that is a big mistake. Patty thinks that Arkansas isn't very patriotic and is a bad place for a military. Everything seems fine, and then Patty soon finds out that the Nazis are putting together concentration camps to torture all of the Jewish people. When Patty hears the bad news, she is horrified. Patty and her mother have an idea that might just determine life and death, they would hide from the Nazi soldiers. It was the middle of winter and the cold air blew through the windows like ice. Patty and her mother fixed themselves a cup of hot chocolate to keep warm. As they sipped the hot chocolate, they watched the television set, and watched who was going to be drafted. Patty suddenly saw a boy that she knew. Patty and her mother heard someone outside, quickly turned off the T.V. set, and carefully got quiet. Patties mother looked outside to see who it was, and saw that it was a Nazi soldier. She quickly scampered to her bed, but tripped over the rug, and the soldier caught both Patty and her mother. They were put in a concentration camp and were immediately struck and beaten. They were put in bunks with many others with low food. Patty was reluctant to get out, but it was a big risk to take, she was going to climb over a wall, and escape from the camp. She was afraid that she would lose her friends and her mother. It was the middle of the night and the coast was clear, she ran towards the wall, climbed over and was shot in the back...


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