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How Does the Character in the "Yellow Wallpaper" Destroy Her Reality

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In the imprisoned mind of the mad wife in the story "The Yellow Wallpaper," lies the reality in which a person goes ludicrous dut to disregard, and lack of affection. Being incarcerated for so long, the wife went mad... in her reality she saw things that perhaps someone else could not imagine seeing. Of course anyone being neglected the way she was, would practically lose his/her mind, no question. Everyone in the story treated her as nothing, ignoring her situation, and isolating her, to the point of forgetting about her, it drove her to her misery. Having no one to talk to, no one to feel her pain, and or understand her, made her travel through a path of insanity... what reality can one have when being insane? She basically lost her mind, with no attention, or awareness of her life. She began to see things, and hear things, that just where a figure of her imagination. At one point she saw people under the wallpaper, she saw that they were trapped as she was, and she began to tear it, as though trying to escape and save her own life... in her pain and loneliness she saw the walls of people in her same misery, because being unaided and insane, that became her factual reality. Though her reality may seem absurb, we must picture and try to feel what she must have felt, in such a moment of confusion in her mind... her life probably being full of dissolution, and seclusion, put her to her malancholy. A downhearted women feeling no hope, or the will to live... lost her mind, and gained a daunting truth. Not being in her shoes, my reality would be different, of course... I wouldn't see what she saw... nor feel the same way, or thing the way she thought. With my reality I wouldn't comprehend her... nor being able to value her zany opinion, and I would act the same way the others did in the story. While she thought there were people behind the wallpaper, I would not be able to see anyone there... while she heard voices, of sorrow, I wouldn't be able to hear anyone. I would...


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