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Southern Cyprus

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Southern Cyprus as Terrorist State

The most insidious and nefarious partner of terrorism against Turkey is “Southern Cyprus.”

I will not deal in this work with the EOKA murders directed at the British and the Turkish Cypriots perpetrated by the "Southern Cypriots" striving for the union of the island with Greece, how the Southern Cypriots accommodated the Armenian ASALA organization, and got them to kill the Turkish diplomats. Here I will only disclose the relations of the "Southern Cypriot" administration with the Marxist-Leninist Maoist terrorist organization PKK. The reason why the rulers of "Southern Cyprus" embraced the ASALA and the PKK for 20 years is the hatred of Makarios for the Turkish State and the nation. The fact that same feelings are carried by Karamanlis; Papandreou and similar Greek politicians has seriously endangered the security of the region. In the years following 1974, while the then Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis thoughtlessly and promptly withdrawing. Greece from the military wing of the NATO, Makarios, following a parallel path, was turning Cyprus into a "communist base".

The policy followed by Karamanlis and Papandreou was the intimidation of the West. Moscow, striving to penetrate into the Eastern Mediterranean and to cause a collapse in the Western Alliance, had sent the agents of all the communist bloc to "Southern Cyprus". What made "Southern Cyprus" an international terrorism base is that policy.

The number of so called Soviet, Polish, Czech, and Bulgarian "technicians" based in "Southern Cyprus" in 1976 was more than 1000. When 250 Cubans traveling between Syria and "Southern Cyprus" were added, that number was approaching to 1500. The militants of the extreme Middle Eastern Terrorist organizations was not ixicluded in that calculation.

The one who prepared the ground for the operation of ending the influence of NATO in the Eastern Mediterranean was Vassos Lissarides, the Marxist...


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