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The Hawk Essay

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Ted Hughes and Robbin Jeffers offer many similarities and differences in their poems about hawks. Although written using contrasting styles, the poems share numerous ideas and themes. These ideas include power against weakness, arrogance, and exultation of hawks as God¡¦s chosen ruler. Yet, Hughes and Jeffers show different attitudes towards hawks, one acting as a dictator of Creation, and the other as a defeated, but still respectable bird.

The issue of power versus weakness is transmitted strongly in both poems. In ¡§Hawk roosting¡¨, the hawk¡¦s image is captured in an authoritative tone, especially by the enhancement of first person view. The hawk¡¦s domination and power is highlighted in the poem by describing its supreme position above all in almost all aspects of its life. ¡§I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed¡¨ conveys a sense of forceful peace, as if the hawk knows it holds so much power that it is fearless and can roost confidently without being attacked. To ¡§sit in the top of the wood¡¨ also demonstrates a noble rank, resembling the king in the human royal monarchy. The line ¡§I kill where I please because it is all mine¡¨ emphasises the power the hawk believes he holds, as if he has ownership over Creation. Meanwhile, all other creations made by God are symbols of inferiority, acting to serve the hawk and die when he chooses for them to die. For example, ¡§Now I hold Creation in my foot¡¨ suggests tat he holds the trees limbs, a foundation of life, under his grasp. The manner in which he dictates the maintenance of law under his reign as seen in ¡§My eyes has permitted no change. I am going to keep things like this¡¨ also conveys the idea that the hawk alone can overcome any other force. Similarly, ¡§Hurt Hawks¡¨ also creates the issue of power against weakness. Despite the fact that the hawk¡¦s wing is injured and cannot fly, ¡§cat nor coyote will shorten the week of waiting for death.¡¨ This illustrates how high the hawk is...


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