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Old Home vs New Home

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While I love going to Romania as much as ever, the convenience of the United States of America keeps me here, leaving the temptations of Romania only as memories from my childhood and a place to visit. Visiting Romania It’s like going to the best vacation where I can eat my favorite food and drink natural flavored drinks.   On the other hand living in the United States is quite different in comparison to living in Romania on a huge farm with a lot of land and animals around.   Comparing the two places is like comparing an apple to a pear, which is totally different in look, shape, and color.   After living in Los Angeles for the past four years I have noticed the differences between the two countries and how the lifestyles differ from each other; the differences are: Romania is less crowded than Los Angeles, the houses are a lot larger, and Romanians live a much more relaxed life than most people in America.

To begin with, living in Romania on a big farm for eighteen years is a little bit different than living in a big crowded city such as Los Angeles.   I remember when I was back home and I had to get up early to feed all of the animals before I could go to school.   Living on a big farm where you have a lot of land and animals to take care of is not at all easy.   On the other hand, there were good things about it because I did not have to go to the market and wait in line for hours to get some bread and milk. However, I had friends who had to because they did not live on a farm.   Now that I am living in a crowded city like Los Angeles, here I do not have to struggle to wake up early before the sun does.   Now that I don’t have to deal with animals my life is completely different and a lot easier, but some way is boring.   Going to the market where is a quick 20-minute trip and I just pick everything I need for at least a week, which is very convenient.   Of course, they are different countries, which implies a different lifestyle.

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