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George Meade

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Do you know who was the general for the Second Battle of Bull Run?   Everyone knows

  what the Second Battle of Bull Run is but who was the general?   Some people even know

  that the North won that battle.   Most people do not know that General George Meade

  defeated General Lee at that battle.   General George Mead accomplished much during



          General George Meade had many accomplishments during wartime.   First of all, he

  defeated General Lee at the Second Battle of Bull Run.   Why would not General Meade

  crush General Lee at this battle and end the war there?   Facts say that heavy fog and rain

  forced Meade to stop.   Likewise, on June 1, !863 a surprise encounter forced his troops

  into the Battle of Gettysburg, the greatest battle on American soil.   This battle came about

  when General Lee's army needed shoes.   The two forces met here on accident and fought to

  a victory for the North.   Lee acknowledged his defeat and retreated to Virginia.   Not only

  did Meade serve in the Civil War, but also served in the Mexican War.   He served in the

  battles of Palo Alto, Monterey, and Veracruz.   During these he served under General

  Zachory Taylor.   To sum up, General George Meade accomplished many things during his

  time at war.  


          Each of General George Meade's accomplishments had one major effect on how

  life is today.   To start, if Meade had not defeated Lee at the Second Battle of Bull Run the

  war would not have started off positively for the North.   This was important because the

  soldiers gained their confidence when they won this battle.   If the North would have lost

  the entire war the U.S. would be two different countries.   Secondly, Meade's defeat of Lee

  at the accidental Gettysburg.   This was a battle that turned the war around and gave the



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