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The Black Plague

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In 1347 a black cloud spread over the countryside of Europe. To all of the people witnessing it or coming after the plague it was a scary thing because they were not able to tell what was inflicting the pain and demise of towns and humanity as they knew it. This terrible event was so scary to them because by the time it was through over 2/3 of the people in Europe. Even though they did not now what caused it, it did not stop them from speculating what was the cause behind all of the mayhem and destruction of lives. Whether people believed that god sent down the plague onto the unbelievers or whether it came from the land or air. Whichever it was people usually took similar steps to prevent and protect against the plague.

            Maybe the most common of the beliefs was that god sent down the plague unto the unbelievers, who were the Muslims. It was said it began among the unbelievers, which then it moved into Italy, and then finally crossing the Alps and spreading from there. The attacks on the people believed to start the plague were harsh. “Nonetheless, in the wake of the first infestations there were attacks on women lepers and Jews who were thought either to have deliberately spread the plague or, because of their innate dishonor, to have polluted society and brought on God’s vengeance.” We do know today that the Jews were not to blame for the plague but back when things were so scary and no one had any answers it was understandable that they made mistake in their accusations.

            The Jews were the scapegoat for the plague. In some instances they were blamed for it because they did not believe in god and he sent it down. But it was also said that the poisoned the water in wells and the air that they breathed. The main reason that the blame came back onto the Jews was because there was no lack of food but rather and abundance and since there was no apparent reason behind it the blame fell back onto the Jews. When people...


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