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The Courtroom

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“Mr. Hanson, I am once again going to clarify to you the rules of my courtroom. You, as well as your client, are to remain unvoiced, unless you are given permission to speak. If and when permission is established, you will not be allowed to utter any crude remarks towards the prosecutor or anyone else affiliated with this case. If you refuse to comply with my rules again Mr. Hanson, I will hold you in contempt to court. Is that clear?”

“Yes, your honor!”

I sat in the back of the courtroom, just listening to the whispers of the prosecutor. I knew in my mind that they would let him out, I just knew it. Hundreds of horrible questions began flowing consistently through my mind. The hardest part was not knowing the answers to these life threatening questions. So, I waited for the judge to imply that our lawyer could be permitted to speak again.

“Mr. Hanson, I have reviewed this case many times, and yet there seems to still be so many missing pieces. You filed for dozens of appeals, though none of them were copied and sent to the Supreme Court. Our justice system runs on a strict organizational policy, and you are indeed interfering with it. Do you have the copies present with you today?”

“I do your honor. I did send the copies to your secretary, and she stated that they would arrive at the Supreme Court sometime this week. There must have been some sort of misunderstanding. I do apologize, your honor!”

“Mr. Hanson, please don’t play a child with me. It is you that is at fault for the copies not being sent, not my secretary!”

I glanced over at Ivan, and gave him a confident smile and swept the tears from my eyes. He looked much more frightened than all of us. He had no idea what was going to come of this, and neither did I. If he indeed did get released, would I even get to see him? I tuned back into the lawyer’s conversation with the judge.

“Mr. Hanson, do you...


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