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What Is Religion

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The Oxford Everyday Dictionary defines religion as a belief in a superhuman controlling power, but is there more to religion than this? I believe so. I am going to investigate a number of factors that I believe make a religion.


Faith is one of the most powerful concepts in religion. To have faith is too believe and believing is the source of all religion. Faith is a term used often in the New Testament. “Without faith it is impossible to please, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him” (Hebrews 11:6). Christians have faith in Jesus as a messiah and they believe that he was anointed as ruler and saviour of humanity. Muslims believe the same of their messiah Allah. Faith in Islam is called Iman. Iman is a whole person submission to Allah which includes belief in the heart and profession by the tongue.

Rastafarian\'s show their faith in a more obvious way than Christians, although not so much other religions. Rastafarian\'s wear dreadlocks as an open declaration of faith and loyalty to the divine Halie Selassie. Some non-rasta\'s see dreadlocks as an act of rebellion not of faith and the same view is taken on the use of cannabis is Rastafarianism. Cannabis is used because Rastafarian\'s believe that it helps them cultivate a stronger faith by bringing the faithful closer to God. In conclusion faith is at the heart of all religion some followers show it obviously through clothes or accessories others know they have faith in their heart. Without faith their would be no religion today.

Religion as a way of life

When asked what is religion a Hindu friend of mine Rishi Patel answered “ Religion is a way of life according to your particular religious doctrine eg. Holy Book or holy laws”. This is a common response from followers from all religions. Is religion a way of life or is it just that the faithfuls lifestyle is constructed around their...


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