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Imaginative Journey

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“For we are bound where mariners have not yet dared to go

And we will risk our ship, ourselves and all” 1

We as humans are faced each day with journeys of endless variety. One may undergo a physical expedition, for example, which involves the geographical movement from one place to another. Or one may experience an emotional and internal evolution as the result of a social incident. But encompassing all journeys with its invisible bounds is our immeasurable capacity to imagine, to aspire for great possibilities and to discover. Our physical and inner pursuits are only fueled by our speculations, the thrill we anticipate from “risking our ships” and plunging into the unknown. In our visionary voyages the destination is often unforeseen and indefinite, but the journey is inevitable.

On this basis the composers of the texts On Giants’ Shoulders, The Ivory Trail cover illustration and the film Cast Away, attempt to create, using their own inventiveness, imaginative journeys that will draw out the creative abilities of their audiences.

On Giants’ Shoulders is a piece of imaginative non-fictional writing by Melvyn Bragg. The book essentially transports its readers through a metaphysical journey against time, created by Bragg’s own concise explorations and excerpts from his interviews with contemporary science historians, into the lives of twelve “giants” of the scientific world. While reading the book, the reader is able to picture the social circumstances that surrounded each scientist during their lifetime and, from those, determine what encouraged or discouraged them from their works. Bragg discusses both the personal journey of each scientist and the significance of the discoveries they arrived at.

In science, many of the theories established by scientists are arbitrary. Theories proposed by astounding scientific minds are vigorously being...


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