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The Lies of Democrats & Anti-War Protestors

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There is a foolish side to the many people who are against the \"war\" in Iraq. To say you support our troops and then ridicule their Commander-n-Chief is hypocrisy. Our troops are VOLUNTEERS & have great respect for President Bush. Those who are immature employ ridicule & lies as tactics to discredit him, but that does not help the morale of our troops, it only angers them.

About four thousand unborn Americans are put to death EVERY DAY because the Democratic Party refuses to support a Human Life Amendment to the US Constitution. But do the anti-war critics ridicule them? Do they know the difference between a declared war that was approved by Congress and the deliberate killing of the unborn who are sentenced to death without a trial?

Democrats who claim to support our troops should go on one of our military bases and criticize our President. However, this they won\'t do because they know they would be booed off that base.

As a veteran I believe President Bush to be a good man who (following intelligence information believed by the Clinton administration & other Democrats) chose to disarm an enemy whom he believed had weapons of mass destruction that could be used against us. But a President alone does not have the authority to declare war - it must be approved by Congress, and therefore it has the greater responsibility.

We won the Iraq war. \"Insurgents\" are not fighting against us - terrorists are. Insurgents don’t kill their own people, terrorists do. The conflict in Afghanistan is not considered a \"war,\" yet our troops employ the same military tactics in that country.

Every American citizen has the right to disagree with our President, but it should be done in a dignified & fair manner.

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