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The Credibility of Expository Texts Re 'Unzipped' - Bronwyn Donaghy

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Key aspect to all expository texts is the effective use of techniques in producing a ‘credible’ text in the hope to influence and position the reader to accept particular views. Bronwyn Donaghy’s self-help book ‘Unzipped’ is “everything teenagers want to know about love, sex and each other.” Through this text, Donaghy attempts to influence and infiltrate today’s youth in action against radical beliefs towards sex, drugs and puberty. Instead, her more conservative views are present in all aspects of the text and despite appearing to be more ‘in touch’ with readers, the underlying facts show her to be influencing against many ideas, like youth sex.

In particular, we see Donaghy promoting certain attitudes and values while rejecting others. Attitudes and values like abstinence, other sexual contact, long term relationships and communication within families are promoted. However we see heavy petting, drugs, youth sex and media representation as being rejected. The most easily noted technique Donaghy uses is her structure – through use of expository chapters and also personal touches, it appeals not only to younger readers, curious about their personal development, but also to parents who may face the issues with uncomfortable questions asked.

Donaghy openly rejects the view that sex and drugs are cool. She rejects this view through use of techniques such as selection of detail and personal touches, which in itself, is an aspect of selection of detail. For example in You Sexy Thangs, she states that “there are boys who have put some intelligent thoughts into their personal development and have decided to wait until they are older, wiser, and more self-sufficient before having sex.” (p. 99, 100) This statement shows Donaghy as not just rejecting sex, but also those who choose to have sex by saying that those who perform the deed are not “intelligent” or thinking about their personal development. Also in You Sexy Thangs, we see Donaghy as...


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