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"Mass-murderers come from the most surprising places(Ex. Hitler-Vegetarian/Painter)" - Maituan


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The Great Escape

Here in the kingdom of veggies and the world of Foodaraw,Prince cabbage was sitting in the king\'s chair made of cheese.\"Now that the king has gone for a holiday,I guess your in charge\" Said carota the carrot.\"Well first of all what are we going to do with chopular,he has taken too many fruit and veggies already, if the fruits won\'t do anything. I will just have to save my own veggies. How may veggies do we have.\"Ask Prince C. \"We have only 1000 armed carrots and 200 corns grenade throwers. We would defiantly lose,they have out numbered us 50 to 1,we don\'t stand a chance even if we have the troops from the fruits they would cream us.\"Said Carota sorrowfully.\"what should we do\".

As prince cabbage paced around the cucumber hall,thinking what to do.... THE evil Chopular and his evil mistress blendra were planning to kill all the fruit and veggies slowly,perhaps make a stew with fruit juice.\"No!\" Said chopular \"I don\'t want to kill them, don\'t your remember what we kidnap them for. We wanted the Kingdom,we could trade the veggies for Prince cabbage and then trade prince cabbage for the Kingdom\".\"Excellent,O great and mighty one\" Replied Blendra. Back in the veggie halls Prince cabbage was wondering weather an atomic giant broccoli could be dropped into the evil copular fortress of knives,but he scraped the idea.\"Message for Prince Cabbage \"exclaimed the messenger loudly,\"Chopular wants YOU in return for the veggies.\"Suddenly, a bright spark appeared in Prince C. mind,\"I know I\'ll pass a lore that every veggie is to cause as much damage and destruction at their camp as possible,they can\'t kill anyone of the veggies as then he would not give himself up \' tell chopular I accept his offer, Brilliant.\"But the only way to defeat copular was to posses the legendary knife Excollibar,and the only way to find it is to go to the pot of porridge,The sword would appear in the hand which is only used for good. But to...


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