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In the past and present women have had to endure sexism as a part of everyday life.   This is unfair and unjust to the female species. In this paper I am going to be talking about some of the issues of sexism and how they affect women. Some of the issues I will be talking about are the white males club and how non-membership effects women. What are the benefits of having a membership to it. How women are kept in their place by society and by themselves. How has this unequal affected women through their lives and the business world. If women are being liberated or not. What types of problems women are experiencing. These are the issues we will be discussing in this paper.                                                                             The first issue we will be discussing in this paper is the White Males Club and the benefits of being a member are. To become a member of the white males club is easy if your white and a male, but on the other hand if you’re a women, black, or Native American it’s a different story. The Native Americans had to endure many hardships such as genocide, broken treaties, club-controlled reservations, and false promises. The Blacks they had two ways to be treated. The southern blacks were permitted to do three things. They could care for white children, cook, or do some housekeeping. In the north they were put into ghettos and could do what they pleased as long as they kept their distance. White women on the other hand were a different question because they were white and women. This questioning left room for white males to come in and manipulate them. Because of this odd position many women praised the white male protection and forgot about their own suppressed living conditions. For women in the south this meant protection from Black male assault. The other section of women realized that they didn’t have that much power as they thought they did.

Over the course of history not much has changed women got to vote...


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