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Japan's Political and Economical Influence on America

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Our world is getting smaller and smaller every day.   Through a process called globalization, today’s technological advances and development of new modes of transportation have transformed our world in many ways, particularly our country.   With globalization, Japan and America have come closer than ever before.   The Japanese-American bond has benefitted the economy and political systems of both of these countries, as well as other nations around the world.   Although Japan and the United States have good relations between them, the Japanese have discovered multiple ways to manipulate America and its economy not only through manners of politicking, but also through absolute wit.      

Interdependence—when two or more countries rely on each other, usually for economical reasons—is only one of the many results of a more globalized world.   Interdependence has not only been established between America and Japan, but also between other regions worldwide, including Europe and Southeast Asia.   One principal product exported from Japan that is sold in America is automobiles. The Japanese have already produced more that 30 percent of the automobiles sold in the United States, some of which include best-selling brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan.   This country has set goals in order to preserve trade policies that enable the export of products to the United States.   The truth is, Japan is exploiting and manipulating the economies of other nations, especially those of America and Europe.   It’s no wonder the Japanese superpower has such a prevailing   economy—so many countries around the world have such a substantial economic interest for trade with Japan.   After all, Japan’s main adversary when it comes to economical status is the United States, and their best tactics to surpass the economy of America and Europe are to manipulate, to outsmart, to establish   strong relations, and to continue trade with foreign countries.   This promotes an increasing amount of...


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