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The Phenomenon of Aliens

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The phenomenon of aliens is a really diverse subject to ponder about. The physical

evidence can really affirm that aliens are sucking up people out of are atmosphere. In the

article “Where’s the Physical Evidence” The Hopkins story, claims to have more

compelling evidence - even an x-ray of an alien nasal implants. But like with all alien

phenomenon there is diversity in the proof. The MIT physicist confirmed that there is not

one, single, independently confirmed piece of scientific evidence for an alien abduction.

The conclusion of the physical proof leaves you staring off into the stars.

  The cases of people being abducted are really plausible. For example the case of a little

girl having contact with aliens is the most believable case to me, because little girls haven’t

acquire the thought to lie in such   great detail as grownups have obtained. The only

question is about the mother who told this story. Still her story seems very sincere. For

example she wrote “I realize you receive many letters of this kind, some of which are

phony. But, believe me, this is not made up. If this is all really happening to (my little girl),

please give me some advice as to how to help her deal with these visitations.” Either she is

really sincere or a really good fiber which I believe is one of the main flaws that discredit

fair-spoken alien abductions. The other case of an Irish man whom told a story of him

being paralyzed. Was just a typical story anyone could make up. As with the last case that

occur in Long Island. But what was in support of the alien abduction position is she

was paralyzed like the Irish man, but this story sounds pretty creative. I have realized

these cases don’t have much detail which would lead to a more believable story.

  I feel John Mak is taking a...


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