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Essays for History: World War Ii (Wwii)

  1. World War Ii
    On September 1, 1939, a wave of German planes roared over Poland. A huge mass of smoke covered the sky with dive-bombers and disintegrated Polish planes still on the ground. Then, tracks of German tanks and footsteps of troops marched into Polish...
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  2. World War Ii (Effects of the War)
    World War 2 was huge and involved a lot of countries. There were thousands of battlefronts and war sites. The two main battlefronts were the battlefront between Britain and Germany and the battlefront between the Japanese and the Americans. These...
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  3. World War Ii (in-Depth Look Into Effects of the War)
    The war caused a huge mess of devastation and loss of life in Europe and loss of life in Europe and Asia. All these deaths formed a great world power shift. For more than a century Great Britain had been the wealthiest and most powerful nation in...
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  4. World War Ii: the Battle for Europe
    The Great depression was one of the many reasons for World War II (WWII). The Great Depression was in an economic slump in North America, Europe and other industrial parts of the world. (www.english.uiuc.edu/maps/depression/about.htm) The Great...
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  5. Ww2 Pearl Harbor
    On Dec 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor island of Oahu in Hawaii which was attacked by Japanese Navy forces at about 7:55am in the morning. Over 33% of Hawaii’s population was of Filipino, Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Korean, and white were killed. When the...
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