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03/17/2010 04:03 AM
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4 March 2010
English I, 2nd
Career Research Paper


I never thought about working as a nurse-midwife until my older sister became pregnant. She had complications that made me realize I wanted to help women in her situation. Also, I loved the idea of having the chance to work with babies. Before I knew what a nurse-midwife was, I thought of being a nurse that worked in neonatal care at the hospital. I told my mother what I wanted to do and she told me what a nurse-midwife did; that’s when I decided I wanted to be a nurse-midwife. I thought I knew a nurse-midwife worked for long hours and couldn’t change when they worked. I found that I was wrong and they can change the hours they work at any time. I searched many resources to find information about nurse-midwifes, in order to decide if becoming a nurse-midwife is the best career for me.
To obtain information about nurse-midwives, I used three resources: the Internet, a book, and a personal interview with Kari Weise. When I searched the Internet I obtained the best information from an online database called Career Cruising. Although, I found many other websites with information, they repeated information I already knew. The book I read on nurse-midwives was Careers in Health Care by Rachel Epstein. Most of this information I had already found using the Internet. Also, I wouldn’t have been able to use the information I obtained from the book because it had been published in 1989. Overall, the best information I had was from the Internet and my personal interview with my cousin, Kari.
To become a nurse-midwife I will need a well-rounded education. I will need to be licensed by my state of employment; the requirements to acquire a license vary by state. Although, certified nurse-midwives are the only midwives eligible for licensure in every state (Education and Training for Midwives). Certified nurse-midwives are registered nurses that fulfilled an additional program in...
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