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India The Next Superpower - Presentation Transcript
  1. IN D IA The next super-power
o Introduction
o Education
o Infrastructure
o Macro Economic Indicators
o Saving -> Investment
o Indian Middle Class
o IT & Outsourcing
o Defence
o Conclusion
o A country that has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world, generally characterized by strong growth rate, defense power and foreign influence and so may plausibly attain the status of global hegemon.
o Some Examples :
o Third largest education system in the World (after China and USA).
o 17973 institutions (348 universities and 17625 colleges).
o Small elite sector of IITs, IIMs and IIPMs.
o 20 central universities, the rest state universities.
o Average enrolment: 530 students (compared to 4300 in USA).
o Most private and foreign universities and colleges focus on business studies, engineering and IT.
  6. Source : Census of India, Govt. of India YEAR %age of literacy in India 1980 39 1990 52 2000 65 2010(projected) 80
o $ 9 billion programme to upgrade 25 airports.
o Delhi and Mumbai International airports – two PPP projects with estimated investment of $3.8 billion.
o $54 billion earmarked for construction of roads and highways.
o 100% foreign direct investment allowed in this sector.
o Improvement in public infrastructure including schools, hospitals, offices .etc.
  10. “ The four years to 2007-08 have been the best years so far but, may I say with humility, that the best is yet to come.” - Former Finance Minister, P.Chidambaram
o GDP exceeding 8 per cent in every year since 2003-04. Grew at 9.4% in 2006-07 (Second highest ever). Revised economic growth of 8.7 per cent for 2007-08.
o The Growth Rate of per capita income in 2007-08 is projected to be 7.2 per cent, the same as the average of the five years to the current year.
o Since 2002-03 there...


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