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A thunderstorm also known as an electrical or lightning storm is a form of weather that occurs during a violent storm. The most common clouds that form when a thunderstorm usual takes place are cumulonimbus clouds. Thunderstorms include strong winds, heavy rain or sometimes no precipitation at all. Strong or severe thunderstorms may rotate, known as super cells. Most thunderstorms occupy the troposphere. Thunderstorms can generally form and develop in any geographic location, perhaps most frequently within areas located at mid-latitude when warm moist air front collides and border cool air fronts. Damages that result from thunderstorms are mainly because of the downburst winds, large hailstones and flash flooding. Stronger thunderstorm cells are capable of producing tornadoes.
There are four main types of thunderstorms: single cell, multicell cluster, multicell lines and super cells. Super cell thunderstorms are the most severe and strongest out of all four.
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The first stage of a thunderstorm is the cumulus stage, or developing stage. In this stage, masses of moisture are lifted upwards into the atmosphere. The trigger for this lift can be insulation heating the ground producing thermals, areas where two winds converge forcing air upwards. The moisture rapidly cools into drops of water due to cooler temperature at high altitude. This creates that big fluffy cumulus clouds.
In the mature stage of a thunderstorm, the warmed air continues to rise until it reaches existing air which is warmer, and the air can rise no further. The air is instead forced to spread out, giving the storm an anvil shape. The water droplets go together into larger and heavier droplets and freeze to become ice particles. As these fall they melt and become rain. During this stage, considerable internal turbulence can occur in the storm system, which sometimes makes strong winds, severe lightning...


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