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Do You Believe That Technology Simplifies and Sometimes Complicates Human Life?

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Do you believe that Technology simplifies and sometimes complicates human life?

Does technology simplify or complicate our lives?   Does all the time we save and everything we can do easier with modern technology mean we live a simpler life?   Or, does the deluge of technology we face on a daily basis just serve to complicate our lives?
There are certain types of technology that have definitely simplified my life. For example, most labor saving devices have shortened the amount of time needed to complete menial yet necessary chores (like laundry).   For most people, being able to throw clothes into a machine and have them come out clean is a major simplification of the alternative.   Freeing up the time I would have had to take to hand wash my clothes allows me to use it doing something I care about– almost anything other than laundry.   Another, more recent technology, that has served to simplify my life is the computer/Internet duo.   Research can now be done at speeds and levels of detail that would only have been science fiction fifty years ago.   If I want to learn about something, it is now relatively quick and painless to hop on the Internet and research it.   Additionally, the ease of collaboration and dissemination of information that the Internet allows is almost mind boggling.   To think I can write something and have it be read by thousands (or even millions of people) nearly instantaneously is astounding.   In the past, that level of dissipation would require untold amounts of labor and time.
On the other hand, there are technologies that definitely complicate my life.   For example, that computer/Internet duo that I was just extolling the virtues of is probably the number one thing that adds complexity as well.   The amount of time I can waste doing nothing of any consequence on the Internet is sickening.   I could have used much of that time to partake in activities that more closely aligned with my values.   I could have been becoming a better writer. Or a...


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