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"We are born to love,not to hate.We are born to love each other not to destroy one another." - Barristar


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From a succulent fresh lobster tail to a mouth-watering red snapper filet, right down to some fried oysters or fresh shrimp most everyone loves some type of seafood. The residents of our city here in San Antonio, Texas are lucky and down right spoiled to have the Gulf of Mexico right next door in Corpus Christi Texas. For some it is easier to just take a drive down to the coast to go fishing or just to go and explore the restaurants on the beaches of Corpus Christi or Port Aransas. For others it is the restaurants specializing in seafood right here in San Antonio that are plentiful. Many locals consider Pappadeaux and Joe's Crab Shack to be the best. Although they both serve wonderful, fresh seafood, the differences in the menu, the service, and the overall atmosphere set them far apart from one another.
           Pappadeaux offers elegant, elaborate dishes on its menu, which can lead to an expensive, elaborate dinner. For example, for starters I order a shrimp cocktail at $9.95. My favorite meal at Pappadeaux consists of a seafood platter that consists of Fried Oysters, fried Catfish fillet, stuff shrimp and stuffed crab all for $21.95.   Once this concoction touches the tongue, it simply melts as for my drink I usually have few non-alcoholic beverages to go along with my meal; there alone I have spent just right under $40.00 on me alone. This does not include the salad for my date. On the other hand, my favorite meal at Joe's Crab Shack has been made famous for its Bayou’s best platter. The cook begins by slowly cooking small dungeoness crabs in a large barbecue pit. Once the crabs have been seared to perfection, the cook tosses them on a large tray, and they are ready for presentation. The waiter then serves these divine crabs with a hammer, a bib, and a roll of paper towels. After pounding on the shell for five minutes, the lucky dinner discovers a piece of crab meat which, like the snapper filet, melts in the mouth. This dish is mouthwatering and leaves you...


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