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A Rainy Day

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A Rainy Day
After the unbearable heat of summer season, people welcome the rainy season. The rain falls the temperature comes down.it is a great relief. On a rainy day the sky is overcast with clouds. Sometimes the sun is also not visible, the day becomes dark. There are occasional flashes of lighting and the loud roar of thunder. The rain begins.at first the rain falls in drops then it falls in torrents, sometimes for hours together. The roads in the countryside become muddy and slippery. The drains filled up.it is difficult to walk along the road.in towns the rain water cannot easily pass through the drains.so the streets are flooded.it is a sight to see the suffering of people. When there are heavy rain fall people have to wade through the water. Thus a heavy rain fall causes great inconvenience to people specially the people working out and people who are day labourers.but it becomes nice and comfortable to those who do not have to go to schools or colleges and to those who can enjoy the day with a cup of hot tea inside the house. Some boys and girls go to schools but often they get a rainy day holiday and they enjoy to wade through water.in our country a rainy day has many positive and negative aspects. Sometimes it brings a great relief and sometimes it causes worries .Above all a rainy day is a day of great fun and comfort to me .I enjoy it very much.


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