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911 Findings

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PART 1- 3: Outline findings from the early studies of domestic terrorism.
    Early studies of domestic terrorism were conducted by H.H.A. Cooper and the National Advisory Commission. H.H.A. Cooper and his coauthors provided conceptual framework for domestic terrorism. Cooper and his coauthors presented a series of recommendations for emergency response. A task force was developed on disorders and terrorism.
    The following studies/ findings on domestic terrorism were documented by Ted Robert Gurr and J. Bowyer Bell. Terrorism is a tactic used by the weak to intimidate the strong and, in turn, used by the strong to repress the weak. Terrorism in the nineteenth century was primarily aimed at protecting the status quo and the economic environment. Some vigilante actions equaled terrorism, e.g., the Ku Klux klan. The shift toward left-wing violence was derived from foreign models. Even though the US has avoided significant domestic terrorism, both criminals and political activists have used terrorist tactics on a local level. Nationalistic terrorists from Puerto Rico have been far more successful than revolutionaries at launching terrorist campaigns because they have an indigenous base of support.
    Ted Robert Gurr classifies terrorism three ways; Vigilante terrorism- the purpose of vigilantes is to defend the status quo or return to the status quo of an earlier period.   Insurgent terrorism- insurgent terrorism aims to change political policies through direct threats of action against the government.   Transitional terrorism- transitional terrorism occurs when nonindigenous terrorists cross national borders.   In conclusion, terrorism developed slowly in America. Terrorists did not routinely target the United States until 1982.

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