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Project in Chemistry, the Solid State

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Prepared by :
Abhay thakur


The accomplishment of any project work depends on the cooperation, coordination and united efforts of several sources of material, knowledge and time. Hence this opportunity is taken to express my appreciation to all the people for completion of this project.

I express my deep gratitude to my project guide Mrs. Y. Dewan, PGT Chemistry, who has been kind enough to render this valuable guidance in spite of her many preoccupations, in the preparation of this project.

I am grateful to this staff of science section of our school for the help. I am also thankful to all the colleagues who helped me in this effort.


This is to certify that Saurabh Sharma, a student of class XII-A1, KV ONGC, Dehradun, has successfully completed his project work of Chemistry THE SOLID STATE, during the session 2009-10, under the kind and able guidance of Mrs. Y. Dewan. During the project work he took keen interest in the work assigned to him. He was found quite sincere, hard working and his behaviour was good. We wish him all success in his academic endeavours in life.

Mr. B.N. Sinha Mrs. Y. Dewan
  Principal     Chemistry


* Student’s Name : Saurabh Sharma
* Teacher’s Name : Mrs. Y. Dewan
* Studying in : K.V. O.N.G.C.
* Academic Session : 2009-10
* Roll No. :

The Solid State

  The properties of solids are as follows:

      • A substance in solid phase is relatively rigid, has a definite volume and shape.
      • The atoms or molecules that comprise a solid are packed closed together and are not compressible.
      • Because all solids have some thermal energy, its atoms do vibrate. However, this movement is very small and very rapid, and cannot be observed under ordinary conditions.

Crystalline and Amorphous Solids

      There are two types of solids. They are crystalline and amorphous. They have differences that are very...


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