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Whether Children Should Be Given Pocket Money

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08/18/2011 07:08 PM
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Children are a group of less predominant people in every society so they need to be taken good care of both mentally and physically.Therefore, Many parents give their children much pocket money on a weekly basis or even a daily basis espeacially at the current   time when parents are becoming busier than ever.However,many social critics have doubted the desirability of the money.From a perspective of a used-to-be child , I strongly recommend parents give their kids pocket money.

Firstly,giving children pocket money would help cultivate a their ability to manage his or her own money well and children would have monetary sense   in their early years. Take my personal experience as an example .Starting from only 5 years old , I received pocket money from my parents every week.At first, like many peers , I spent my money very unwisely on items and small gadgets like remote-control racing cars and many marbles and the money was spent very quickly.However , as I grew older, I became realized that if I could save my pocketmoney and accumulate the money,in some time ,I would be able to purchase the things I dreamt of for a long time .At last , I made it and bought a large volume of English-written story books which I was fascinated with for quite a long time .In this case, receiving pocketmoney help me learn to manage my own currency and taught me a lesson “Saving now is for better consumption tomorrow”.Were it not for pocketmoney, I would probably be a financial “idiot”.

Furthermore,parents can benefit a lot from giving pocketmoney to their kids simply because it takes less time and effort for them to care the daily life of their kids.Again take my anecdote as an example .When I was in my primary school ,my home was far from my school ,so I had trouble getting there by myself at first,and my father had to drive me to the school everyday.However , he later found the solution by instructing me to use my pocketmoney to take either taxis or buses there.Since then my...
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