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The Watergate investigation in 1972, which later led to President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation, was not “an impressive triumph for the American political system” it was however, the opposite. I believe that it was a tragedy for America. What happened at the off and apartment complex in Washington D.C. should have never happened. We should not have had White House administration that believed that it could spy and harass political opponents, accept illegal campaign contributions, and easily cover up their misdeeds. However, the poise and determination of the courts and the members of House Judiciary Committee is admirable.
The House Judiciary Committee rose the task of creating a solution to the tragic event of Watergate. They worked together without partisanship and they also voted that without partisanship. This aspect denounced the claims of the White House that the impeachment inquiry was highly partisan “witch hunt’’. The Congressmen and Congresswomen’s attention to detail, dedication to study, and their commitment to best serve the public, is admirable. Furthermore, their protection of the laws that are established by the Constitution, and determination to bring justice to the investigation of Watergate, despite the fact that Nixon was the president of the time is a triumph in itself. These achievements are overshadowed by the tragedy of the event as a whole.
In the summer of 1972, several burglars were arrested after attempting to wiretap phones and take pictures of documents belonging to the Democratic National Committee. They were later found to be a part of President Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President, which would later be nicknamed C.R.E.E.P, thus making them directly related to the President. These “Plumbers” would prevent informational leak from the White House about the various connections to the scandal. They would also destroy documents, lie to investigators, and they eventually received hush money. These actions were appalling. I do...


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