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Critically Asses the Validity and Reliability of Performance Evaluation

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Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation has several synonyms used by various businesses: Performance evaluation, performance audit, performance review etc. In essence, it can be said that performance evaluation is an attempt to evaluate the performance of employees of a company and use the assessment as a basis for judging their performance the background of his entire work situation. Performance reviews gauge the merit, performance on the job and potential for promotion, of workers. By doing such appraisals, a business can identify the areas needing improvement and also the workers who are excelling and the needed standards for the ones lagging behind. There are several goals that those conducting performance evaluations wish to achieve and purposes that they must fulfill. They include:
1. Receiving feedback from employees to improve business 

2. Re-instate the duties the employees are expected to complete, along with job expectations

3. Decide increments in salary and bonuses

4. Decide employee dismissal, promotion, probation or contract renewal (if any)

5. Training and staff development

6. Data for research to further improve worker’s motivation, performance, work experience etc.


To ensure proper of time and resources, businesses follow a certain process. Each business is unique, and the person in charge of such appraisals, must decide the best process for their decision. Below, a general process is shown:
  1. The person in charge (say, the manager) must design a legally valid performance review process.
  2. A form can be created, for ease of assessment. Standard questions and grading are printed here.
  3. A meeting is held to brief employers and employees (usually, within 6 months of the beginning of a new financial year)
  4. The manager must, once all the paperwork...


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