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1. What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on? All writers seem to focus on the assassination going into detail about he was about the address the crowd and how the murder happened and who intended to kill the black activist leader.
2. How has each writer organized the details that have been selected? Bear in mind that most news organizations present what they consider the most important first and the least important information last. In the Life article, the writer discusses the tragic scene at the podium where Malcolm X was shot and killed. The writer organized the details of events revolving around the scuffle in the hall, The New York Times report focused on the assassination of Malcolm X and what he would might say about the bombing prior to his speech arrival, Associated Press organized their details by first stating his ethnic background, what he did and how he was killed, The New York Post talked about the bombing and if Malcolm new who could have did it.
3. How does each writer interpret Malcolm X, his followers, the gunmen, and the significance of the assassination? Writers from the Life magazine focused on how he talked about “whitey” The New Post focused what his followers thought about the situation The New York Times focused on how his followers could have been into with the extremist group the Muslim, The Amsterdam news focused on a conspiracy with the Muslim community. The Associated press focus on Hagan and how he murdered Malcolm.
4. How has each writer used language to express his or her perspective and to influence the thinking of the reader? Which language styles do find most effective.


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